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One-of-a-kind Organic Plant Fertilizer, made from plants for plants!

Greetings from Trescott, Maine … and thanks for trying Heidi’s Plant Pep™ – an organic plant food for every plant. You probably are interested in this fertilizer for the some of the same reasons I developed it – you want healthy plants. You are no longer comfortable using chemicals in your garden (or you never were...), but still need something to enhance the productivity of your soil. I was in the same position in 1987 when I became an avid composter. My friends accused me of gardening just to have a great compost pile. Composting should always be an important part of gardening. Yet, having gardened in many States, I can honestly say, that I have not met a soil, which did not need some adjustment. I want to be sure that my plants are provided with all the nutrients they need to grow optimally.

The “herbal brew for plants” idea came to me while nursing a winter cold with a cup of herbal tea. If the herbs speed the healing process in us, could they have enhancing properties for the soil?

After researching the chemical profiles of many herbs, the final blend is made from 21 herbs, granulated kelp, and greensand, providing the soil with 32 micro-nutrients.

As the herbalist and landscape curator at the Canterbury Shaker Village Museum, I had a three acre testing site for the fertilizer at my fingertips. The testing results could not have been better. The plants looked and felt strong, developed a robust green color, an excellent bloom cycle and were very flavorful. In 1991 - after three seasons of testing, this totally organic fertilizer was marketed under the name of “Earthminder” in bulk form. Since then I continued to make adjustments to the formula and to make it user-friendly for container and houseplants. “Heidi’s Plant Pep™”, the final product, is sold in boxes containing 5 brew bags and complete instructions. It is as easy to use as brewing tea! It is thrilling that one box weighing only 5 ounces, makes 20 gallons of organic fertilizer! Gone are the days when you need help lugging the 50 pound fertilizer bags! The purple box, with its attractive label, can stay right in the house as a reminder that your plants need food every 2 to 3 weeks.

Happy growing,

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Photo: The re-created Physic Garden of Dr. Thomas Corbett, Canterbury Shaker Museum by Heidi Herzberger, herbalist and landscape curator